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Harmonieorkest Vleuten (HOV) was founded in 1949 and is a very active and ambitious amateur wind band (brass and wood wind).

HOV has over 165 members and is still growing. All members participate in one or more of our five orchestras (A to E). Depending on your skills and experience you can join one of the orchestras; ranging from (absolute) beginners, average and (more) experienced musicians to members who play our top-notch A-orchestra. The A-orchestra is the only concert band within greater Utrecht playing at the highest standard for amateur wind bands (first division).

IMG_3941There are many engagements throughout the year, like (reoccurring) local events such as Kings Day or the very popular Proms Night in Vleuten and the one-off projects such as a play-inn, a music camp for youth members or a concert trip abroad. The A- and B- orchestras also join festivals or band contests. For an actual overview of planned events see the calendar of this website.

HOV offers a rangDSC07472e of musical variety. Not only in type of performances and music we play (classic – pop), but also in the age mix of our members (relatively young!). All members have one comm
on goal: mixing music with lots of fun! Our drive is to perform a range of music to a high standard within a friendly atmosphere.

If you would like to know more about Harmonieorkest Vleuten, please get in touch with mrs. Lysbeth van den Berg (phone: 030-6775841 or mail: l.vdberg(at) Or why don’t you visit us on our weekly rehearsal night? All our orchestras rehearse on a weekly basis on Wednesdays in community center De Schakel, Schoolstraat 11 in Vleuten between 4.45 and 10.15 pm (time depends on the orchestra). New members are always welcome, so please contact us for further information. We provide instruments to borrow and have an attractive offer for music lessons.